One goal

To accompany you through all the stages of your business life.

Legal presentation

1. Corporate form
Limited Liability Company (LLC) of tax and legal advice under Cameroonian law, authorized CEMAC N°SCF 09 and registered in the National Board of Tax Advisers in Cameroon (ONCFC) under N°1206.
2. Corporate purpose
  • The exercise of all tax advisory activities as provided for by the regulations governing this profession.
  • The exercise of any type of legal advisory.
3. Date of creation of Juritax Conseil
Juritax Conseil was created in 2009, (RCCM) RC/DLA/2009/B/1702 and (UIN) M100900028997K
4. Our sectors of activity
  • Industry;
  • Agro-industry;
  • Mining, Oil, Gas (Contract negotiation assistance);
  • Banking and microfinance;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Forest;
  • Electricity;
  • Insurance;
  • Services;
  • General Trade.
5. Areas of intervention
  • Cameroon,
  • Chad,
  • Congo Brazzaville,
  • CAR,
  • Equatorial Guinea
All OHADA member countries concerning corporate law, security law, commercial law, arbitration, rehabilitation (recovery), and liquidation