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At your side at every stage of your company’s life

Business law

In terms of business creation:

Corporate Law: Assistance in the entire process of establishing a company or creating a branch;

  • Consultation on the choice of the ideal legal structure for a given project and tax constraints
  • Drafting of the articles of association and related documents (subscription forms, possible powers of attorney, draft minutes of the Constitutive General Meeting if necessary, draft minutes of the first Board of Directors for public limited companies)  or, in the case of branches, filing of the headoffice’s articles of association with the notary for authentication
  • Execution of legal formalities following incorporation after receiving the notarized copies of the articles of association transmitted to the Notary (registration with the trade register/ commercial register)
  • Creation of share certificates, transfer registers, board of directors’ registers for public limited companies, meeting registers

In contractual matters: Drafting of lease contracts and registration of the contract(s).

During the daily life of the company

  • Corporate Law: various consultations, assistance during board and shareholder meetings by preparing notices, powers of attorney, attendance sheets,drafting of minutes of these meetings, execution of execution of subsequent formalities, corporate law audits, updating of securities files and board and meeting registers
  • Restructuring: Complete legal assistance in recapitalization, mergers, split-ups, partial asset contributions, sales of business, sales of assets, sales or transfer of shares, lease-management of businesses, etc.
  • Contractual techniques: Drafting of contracts of all types and assistance if necessary in contract negotiations, contract audits
  • Civil law: Various consultations on civil law issues;
  • Land right: advisory services on land right, land audits, property sale contracts
  • Security law: Advisory services on security law, drafting of deeds of guarantee, pledge, mortgage, etc. and execution of consequential formalities, audit of the companies’ securities
  • Commercial law
  • Competition law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Banking and insurance law
  • Environmental law
  • Public business law: concession contracts, leaseholds, etc.

On cessation of activities

  • Consultation on the legal implications of cessation of activities;
  • Timeline of the operation;
  • Assistance in the drafting of all legal documents for the cessation of activity (draft minutes of the board of directors and general meeting for the dissolution and opening of liquidation, closing of liquidation and execution of consequential formalities until deletion of the company from the commercial register).